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Are Interdental Brushes Better Than Floss?

Updated: Feb 7

A brush with the right size and shape is essential to effectively clean the interdental spaces and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. You need to choose a brush size that fits properly and has a shape in accordance with your interdental gap.

An interdental brush, a tool for dental hygiene, is designed to clean between teeth and remove plaque and debris from difficult-to-access areas of your mouth. It is usually made of a small cylinder that is open at both ends and has bristles or filaments attached to it. These bristles can be straight, angled or looped, depending on the design of the brush. It is normally used with regular teeth brushing and other oral hygiene practices to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

But are interdental brushes better than floss? Let’s find out.

Why Are Interdental Brushes Better?

Flossing can help reduce the risk of gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath. However, it is a lengthy process and requires some skill. Reaching the corners of your mouth with a tiny string is not an easy feat. Flossing also causes significant gum damage when you are not confident about how to do it properly.

That’s where interdental brushes come in. They get rid of almost every problem that flossing has. Interdental brushes are better for the following reasons:

1. Designed to fit between teeth specifically

Whilst flosses are usually manufactured in one particular string thickness, interdental brushes come in varying sizes. They are specifically suited for different parts of your teeth and various jaw structures. People with gaps in their teeth do not get satisfactory results with flossing. In these cases, interdental brushes have proven to be more useful.

Interdental brushes are a harmonious blend of toothbrushes and floss. They provide easy, precise access to spaces between teeth.

2. More comfortable to use

One issue with flossing that causes people to stop trying is how hard it is. Using string to clean your front teeth is already challenging. Inserting a string between the molars can seem even more difficult. This can be a major issue for those with hand conditions, such as arthritis.

Interdental brushes work like toothpicks but are even better. Most of them have ergonomic handles that let you hold them in the ideal way to reach any part of your teeth. They are easy to maneuver around your mouth because of their stick-like design. They are easy to use and do not cause your fingers to get into a twist.

3. Better at removing plaque

Flosses are primarily used to remove plaque buildup in your teeth effectively. However, people tend to use them too aggressively, thereby causing harm to the teeth' enamel. Moreover, flossing is ineffective at reaching certain parts of your teeth where plaque may be present.

Interdental brushes have soft bristles that still work their magic. They are soft enough to avoid hurting your teeth' enamel and get rid of plaque simultaneously. Regular and consistent use can effectively eliminate plaque.

4. Better for your gums

The number one reason that people don't use floss is that they claim that it hurts their gums. It is no secret that flossing is difficult. People end up sawing their gums with floss, the very thing intended to protect them.

Contrary to this, interdental brushes, with their soft bristles, do not harm your gums. They can reach every nook and cranny of your teeth, ensuring that there is no scope for any bacteria to grow in your gums.

5. Not use and throw

Finally, unlike flosses which can only be used once before being thrown off, interdental brushes can be used multiple times like regular toothbrushes. You can think of interdental brushes and floss as long-term and short-term investments, respectively. Made with durable materials like metal wires and nylon fibre bristles, they will last a long time. If handled with care and proper cleaning, they can last longer.

Pure Living: Quality Health & Lifestyle Products Made Affordable

The next time you think your teeth need a little extra cleaning, don’t settle for flossing. Try using an interdental brush and notice the difference for yourself.

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