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N95 or KN95: Which one is better?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

e recent global coronavirus pandemic has initiated a never-ending demand for protective face masks. From medical professionals to regular citizens, these masks have been a necessity for everyone around the globe.

It is now mandatory for anyone and everyone to wear masks everywhere they go, especially in public places. These masks are a major factor in protection from the virus and its variants since they cover the nose and the mouth completely.

There are various types of masks made by different companies in the market. The best and safest in the market are usually said to be the N95 masks. However, there is a debate about whether KN95 is equally good or better than them.

We at Pure Living make both KN95 as well as N95 masks for our customers. So, no matter where you stand in this debate of KN95 mask vs N95 mask, we have the appropriate masks for you and your family.

Even though they are very closely related, there is a slight difference between these masks.

How are KN95 and N95 masks different?

The basic difference between these 2 masks is that the N95 masks are approved in the US since they are made according to the standards prescribed by the US. On the other hand, the KN95 masks are made in China and according to the Chinese standard.

However, both are said to be of great use and filter out 95% of bacteria, viruses, microbes, and other particles. What makes these masks so efficient is their structure and the materials used to make them.

We at Pure Living found a solution to this debate of KN95 mask vs N95 mask by introducing both masks in our product line. Both of our masks are thoroughly tested and proven to have the best quality and provide the utmost protection from various foreign particles.

Why choose Pure Living masks?

When it comes to such an essential commodity as face masks, it is important that you choose only what is the best and the safest. Whether for yourself or your family, buying masks and other protective products from us will ensure maximum safety and complete protection.

These times of the pandemic are vital, and it has become essential to choose healthcare products and manufacturers very carefully. The virus the world is currently dealing with is said to be one of the most harmful and deadly ones since it is highly contagious. Hence, apart from the debate about the KN95 mask vs N95 mask, it is essential to consider the quality of the masks being used.

It is also multiplying rapidly in terms of variants. In such conditions, only the best-made masks from the best materials and technology should be used. Our aim is to keep all our customers safe from all such virus variants by providing the best quality of products.


All our products are made according to international standards and are tested as well. Hence, you can rest assured and get the safest and best protective face masks and other products for your family.

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