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Why Should You Purchase Interdental Brushes?

Updated: Mar 9

When brushing your teeth, you only effectively reach 58% of your teeth. By not brushing between your teeth, you leave harmful bacteria and plaque untreated, causing them to deteriorate. Interdental brushes are designed to solve this issue effectively. They are better options than flossing and cost-effective options for excellent dental health.

But what exactly are interdental brushes? And, are interdental brushes reusable? How is interdental brushing different from flossing? Read on to learn more about interdental brushes and their benefits.

What Is an Interdental Brush?

Interdental brushes are designed to clean between teeth and remove plaque and bacteria. Cavities and infections are mainly formed due to improper dental hygiene, which can be significantly improved by using interdental brushes for thorough cleaning.

So, are interdental brushes reusable? Yes. The most important benefit of purchasing interdental brushes is their reusability. They effectively clean your teeth and can be used many times.

How Is Interdental Brushing Different From Flossing?

Flossing involves using a thin wire to remove particles between the teeth. However, this method could be ineffective because a single wire cannot accurately target all impurities between teeth. Furthermore, the technique requires you to explore all angles between each pair of teeth to remove impurities.

Interdental brushes are better options for hygiene because they can be reused. They have bristles on all sides of the wire to promote thorough cleaning without having much effect on you. They also reach the finest of corners and offer a better cleaning experience.

What Are The Advantages of Using Interdental Brushes?

Interdental brushes are essential purchases for the following reasons:

  • Prevent gum recession

Plaque build-up due to improper dental care is a significant reason for gum recession. As a result, the gums around your teeth become red and start sagging, which reduces the structural integrity of your teeth. Interdental brushes are helpful for effectively preserving your gums.

  • Increase general dental health

It is essential to clean your teeth properly to prevent any harmful germs from entering your body or harming the quality of your teeth. Effective cleaning between teeth is impossible without interdental brushes that reach every corner and promote hygiene.

  • Improve bad breath

Plaque build-up is the leading cause of bad breath. Whilst brushing can remove most of it, the parts in the gaps between teeth can still cause bad breath. Cleaning with interdental brushes clean all the gaps in your teeth and improve your breath.

Why Should You Choose Our Interdental Brushes?

At Pure Living, we offer a 10+1 interdental brush pack. This is your best option for complete dental hygiene due to the following reasons:

  • Bristle quality

The bristles of our interdental brushes are carefully crafted to reach all corners of your teeth. The materials used include no BPA, latex or rubber. The bristles are attached to an excellent-quality thin wire to help them stay intact despite extensive use.

Our bristles’ quality is designed to promote the reusability of the brush and help it grab onto all forms of impurities between teeth to ensure deep cleaning. In addition, the structure doesn't cause any damage to the mouth and only targets plaque to ensure hygiene.

  • Quality of materials

Our products are made of superior quality. Customer experience is invaluable to us, and we only use materials that have been proven effective. We also ensure a long lifespan for our brushes to help you avoid frequent spending on these brushes.

  • Wide range of sizes

Our brush set comes in various sizes. This is to target people of all age groups without everyone having to adjust and work with just one size available.

Pure Living: Quality Health & Lifestyle Products Made Affordable

Pure Living offers excellent-quality products that are designed to fulfil your needs. From interdental brushes to water flossers, toddler’s feeding sets, and many other health and lifestyle products, you will surely get your money's worth with our products and customer service. For more details about our products, contact us today.

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